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Guardian of the Dawn

From the highly acclaimed author of The Last Kabbalist of Lisbon and Hunting Midnight comes a sweeping tale of persecution, devotion and vengeance in colonial Goa . By the time the 16 th century was drawing to a close in the Portuguese colony of Goa , the Catholic Inquisition was making excellent progress. ‘Sorcerers' – whether native Hindus or immigrant Jews – who refused to betray others or give up their beliefs were either strangled by executioners or burnt alive in public autos-da-fé . The Zarco family manages to stick firm to its Portuguese-Jewish roots until, as the children reach adulthood, both father and son are betrayed to the Inquisition. Gradually, the truth of the family's destruction is revealed. The consequences are devastating. Impeccably researched, Guardian of the Dawn is both a riveting historical mystery and, in its exploration of the nature of evil, a powerful reinterpretation of Othello. This is Richard Zimler at his imaginative, energetic – and insightful – best.

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