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The Search for Sana

In February 2000, Richard Zimler went to the Perth Writers’ Festival and met a talented dancer who told him how much his novel The Last Kabbalist of Lisbon had meant to her. The tragic step she would take the next day would change Zimler´s life forever, and launch him into an intense, three-year investigation of her past.
He uncovers the story of two girls – one Palestinian, one Israeli – as he led through 1950s Haifa, through a web of illusion and deceit and finally to September 11, 2001, when the tragedy he witnessed in Perth is set in the starkest of political contexts.
The Search for Sana blurs the conventional boundaries between fact and fiction as it examines the nature of true friendship, and the inception of an unthinkable crime. Written by the author of bestsellers about Jewish culture and history, it is also a moving exploration of issues that affect us al.

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